Does Reliance Smart Accept Sodexo Meal Cards?

Hi! friends as most the corporate people know about the Sodexo Meal cards and whenever they move from one location to another location they try to find the nearby shops that accept Sodexo meal cards or Sodexo gift cards. Do they keep on searching on google like Sodexo card accepted shops near me? With the closure of a leading retail chain in India, i.e Big Bazaar, people are looking for an alternative. As you all know Reliance Smart is expanding in every nook and corner of the city most people want to know, Does Reliance Smart Accept Sodexo Meal Cards?

Why People are Searching for Reliance Smart Accept Sodexo Meal Cards or Not?

Almost all the Big Bazaar stores and Easy day stores are closed in most of the cities. People are looking for an alternative where they can pay using Sodexo meal cards. As mentioned above Now Reliance Retail Ltd has become the largest retailer in India.

Can I Pay Using Sodexo Meal Card in Reliance Smart?

Reliance Retail has many formats, but here we will share the list of Reliance Grocery store formats where you can pay for your foodstuff or grocery items using Sodexo meal cards. If you are searching for Sodexo card-accepting shops near me, just search for Reliance Smart Store in your area. Reliance Smart accepts Sodexo Meal cards as a mode of payment.

List of all formats of Reliance Retail where Grocery is available and they accept Sodexo as Payment.

  1. Well known Reliance Fresh Store
  2. The Reliance Smart and Reliance Super Smart
  3. Reliance Smart Point
  4. 7- Eleven
  5. Reliance Market
  6. Reliance Smart Bazaar – Newly launched format.

You can easily get any one of the above-mentioned formats of Reliance in the city. Visit any Reliance Smart, Super Smart, Smart Point, Smart Bazaar, 7 – Eleven, Reliance Market near you to use your Sodexo Meal Card.

If you don’t want to visit the store and order groceries online; the best online store that accepts Sodexo is JIomart. Jiomart is the online platform of Reliance stores where Sodexo cards are accepted online.

The best part is you can earn loyalty cashback in all of the Reliance stores. So, what you are waiting for? Visit the nearest Reliance Smart or place an order at Jiomart and pay using your Sodexo Meal cards!