How late is the closest grocery store open in Imphal Manipur?

Being able to head to the grocery store at the last minute is something that many of us take for granted. But if you’re living in Imphal Manipur, this can be a challenge. The closest supermarket might be closed by the time you get there, leaving you with no option but to find another source of groceries. To help, this post will explore how late the closest grocery store is open in Imphal Manipur and what times you can expect it to close. We’ll also look at some alternative ways to get food if the store isn’t open when

Here in this post we will share the top grocery store in Imphal Manipur and will cover the following points.

  1. Location of the Closest Grocery Store: The closest grocery store to Imphal Manipur is located near you are mostly open until 9:00 PM on weekdays and 8:00 PM on weekends. It is a convenient location for residents of Imphal Manipur who need to purchase groceries after work or on the weekends. Here we will share the specific timings store-wise.
  2. The Hours of Operation: The closest grocery store in Imphal Manipur is open 24 hours a day or not? We will share the name and location of the closest grocery store in Imphal Manipur open 24 that serves customers with free home delivery of groceries and in-store shopping allowed 24 hours.
  3. What services are provided by these groceries store, and what stores are open late today?
  4. The list of closest grocery stores to Imphal Manipur that is open 24 hours a day.

In Imphal, Closest Grocery Store will offer the following Services

  • Grocery shopping in-store and also serving orders on whats app.
  • Food and beverage selection
  • Payment processing – Cash, Debit Card, Credit Card, and UPI payments are also available
  • Bagging and checking out

What products are sold?

Some of the products that are sold at this store include food, beverages, household items, and personal care products irrespective of the grocery store opening time. As they maintain a sufficient inventory as well.

How late the closest grocery store opens and how to contact these stores easily in Imphal Manipur will be clear to you when you go through the table provided below. As we are sharing the complete detail below table.

S.NOGrocery Store Name City / StateOpen and Closing TimingsServices OfferedRatings
1Namo SupermarketImphal, Manipur7 am–8:30 pmPick-up3.9 /5
2Ima MarketImphal, Manipur9:30 am–6 pmIn-store Shopping4.2 /5
3SINGJAMEI SUPER MARKETImphal, Manipur7:30 am–8 pmIn-store shopping, Home Delivery4.0 / 5
4Bikram’s MartImphal, Manipur7 am–6 pmGrocery delivery service4.5 / 5
5LibaMartPurulImphal, Manipur7 am–9 pmIn-store shopping, Kerbside pickup, Home Delivery3.6 / 5
6Khangembam GroceryImphal, Manipur7:30 am–8 pmIn-store shopping5.0 / 5
7Lamphel Vegetable MarketImphal, Manipur7 am–7 pmIn-store shopping3.8 / 5
8Kesh StoreImphal, Manipur8:30 am–3 amIn-store shoppingNA
9Paitu Grocery Delivery in Imphal Manipur Imphal, Manipur Grocery Store Open 24 hours in Manipur ImphalOpen 24 hours for In-store shopping5.0 / 5
10Leishi MartImphal, Manipur10 am–10 pm In-store shopping5.0 / 5
11Top khongnangkhong marketImphal, Manipur9:30 am–6 pmIn-store shopping4.8 / 5
12NGARI YONFAMImphal, Manipur7 am–6 pmIn-store shopping5.0 / 5
13Kiranbala GroceryImphal, Manipur7:30 am–8 pmIn-store shoppingNA
14Deepak Grocery – Indian GroceryImphal, Manipur6 am–6 pmIn-store shopping5.0 / 5
15Pramo GroceryImphal, Manipur6 am–9 pmIn-store shopping3.0 / 5
16Loitongbam groceries storeImphal, Manipur Grocery Store Open 24 hours in Manipur ImphalIn-store shopping5.0 / 5
17Two Star grocery shopImphal, Manipur7 am–9 pmIn-store shopping3.4 / 5
18Kishan GroceryIn-store shopping7:30 am–8 pmIn-store shoppingNA
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Use the below map to find how late the closest grocery store open in Manipur Imphal.


In conclusion, the closest grocery store in Imphal Manipur stays open late till 9 PM most days of the week. Few grocery stores may extend the open hours as per customers. This can be very convenient for those who work late or cannot find time to go shopping during regular hours. Furthermore, there is a wide variety of items available at these stores that you may need in a pinch. If you’re ever in Imphal and need last-minute groceries, these stores should be your first stop!