How to Redeem Reliance Smart Points in any Reliance store?

In a country where people want to save more and want to earn from their spending, the largest retail chain in India Reliance Retail introduce the loyalty points system. Here we are going to share, How to Redeem Reliance Smart Points in any Reliance store?

First, understand what is Reliance Point and how it gets calculated? And what is Reliance smart point?

ROne Point – The points which you earn on doing shopping from Reliance Smart point etc.

Reliance Smart Point is a small format store like an Easyday. On the basis of the size of the store of Reliance and the assortment. Like Reliance Smart points, Smart Bazaar, Reliance Fresh, and Reliance Smart Superstore.

How do you earn Rone Reliance Smart Points?

Please note as per the loyalty scheme, you have to register your mobile number on the RelianceOne Loyalty Program Site. You can click here to open the official site here. Now, whenever you do shopping in any one of the Reliance stores like Reliance Fresh, Reliance Smart, Reliance Digital, Reliance Smart Super, Reliance smart point, Reliance trends, Relinace jewels, Reliance footprint, you have to give your registered mobile number to the cashier before billing.

How the Rone Smart Points are calculated?

On every purchase of 200 Rs of goods or services from Reliance you will get 1 Rone point credited in your mobile number which you have registered. Your mobile number is the loyalty account number in Reliance.

1 Rpoint is equal to 0.70Rs, you can redeem Reliance one point as per the calculation and your choice of how much you want to spend in one go.

How much time does it take to credit the Reliance Smart Point in your mobile number?

After shopping its takes approx 2 hours to get your ROne point in your mobile number. Before we proceed to know how to redeem reliance smart points? You should know how to check Reliance Smart Points Rone?

How to check the Reliance Smart Points Rone balance in your account?

In order to check the Reliance Smart Point balance in your registered mobile number, you have to give a miss call on 9212999888. By giving a miss call you will get the current Rone point balance. But please ensure to register your mobile number before shopping for the cashback. On the registered mobile number you will get the balance message and OTP.

How to Redeem Reliance points in Reliance Fresh?

If you are looking for the answer to how to redeem points in Reliance Fresh, would like to share the information in very simple steps.

  1. Check your balance in your registered mobile number by giving a miss call on the above-mentioned number.
  2. Know you want to redeem reliance fresh points that you might have earned as cashback while shopping from Reliance Fresh or any format like Reliance Smart Point.
  3. An important point to know about Reliance points is you can earn points from any store format of Reliance. You can Redeem Reliance points i.e R one point in any of the Reliance retail formats.
  4. Now give a miss call at 9212999888, you will get the balance and OTP.
  5. Before Billing inform the cashier that you want to redeem Reliance points, he will ask you for the value of points you want to redeem and the OTP.
  6. The cashier will redeem the Reliance points in billing.

FAQ on Reliance Point Redemption

Q1. How to Redeem Reliance one card points online?

Answer: To redeem Reliance One card point online you can use Ajio or jiomart service by downloading the online shopping app of AJio or Jiomart when you place an order pay by one point.

Q2. Can I Redeem Reliance points in Reliance Fresh which I have earned in Reliance Digital?

Answer: Yes! you can redeem Reliance points in Reliance Fresh.

Q3. I earned Reliance Points when I have done shopping in Reliance Trends, can I use the same in Reliance Smart Point?

Answer: Yes! you can use the same.

If you have any queries regarding the Reliance Smart Points and redemption, please write to us in a comment box we will answer the same.

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