Pantaloons Store Exchange Policy Offline Time Without Bill

Hi! are you looking for the Pantaloons Store Exchange Policy for Offline purchases? Here in this post, we will share the complete detail about the Pantaloons exchange policy offline and the Pantaloons exchange time in-store. In case you have any doubt you may directly write to us. Our previous post shared how you can find the Nearby Pantaloon Store. In the series where we bring information about the retail policy today, we will cover the below-mentioned points.

  1. Pantaloons return and exchange policy in store.
  2. What is Pantaloons store exchange policy without a bill?
  3. Pantaloons exchange policy without a bill for clothing.
  4. What is Pantaloons exchange time in the store?
  5. Pantaloons retail store return policy.
  6. Pantaloons return policy days.

Pantaloons Store Exchange Policy: Pantaloons Return and Exchange Policy Offline For Clothes

Here Pantaloons exchange policy offline is mentioned below, before you plan your visit to return the clothes in Pantaloons store read all the points carefully. As per the Panatloon Return, Refund, and Exchange Policy these points you should know.

  1. If you see the back side of the bill you will find that, if your purchases are having any manufacturing defect, pantaloons guarantee to return the products within 30 days.
  2. Please note that the Pantaloons offline exchange policy further states that you can return or exchange the clothes if it’s in a packed condition, tags are not removed and alteration is not done. It means as per the exchange policy¬†clothing Pantaloons will entertain the request if items are not used.
  3. Accessories, undergarments, and socks can not be exchanged or returned in-store.
  4. Pantaloon store reserve the right to decide the condition of the goods you want to return or exchange offline in-store.

Pantaloons Store Refund Policy

  1. If the return is approved, you will get the credit note, no cash refund is done in Pantaloons store.
  2. You must read the terms and conditions on how you can use the Pantalons credit note and the validity of the same on the official site.

What is Pantaloons store exchange policy without a bill?

As per Pantaloon’s exchange policy without bills for clothing or accessories, you can not exchange, return, or refund without a bill. But we suggest you meet the store manager and request the duplicate bill; he can provide you with the duplicate bill within 30 days and then you can meet the exchange policy of pantaloons and proceed for exchange or return as per your choice.

Pantaloons exchange time

As per exchange policy in pantaloons exchange time is valid for 30 days from the day of purchase. Just remember the few terms and conditions of Pantaloon’s offline exchange policy mentioned above.

Pantaloons return policy days

The refund, return or exchange in any conditions the policy days times are the same. 30 days time from the date of billing is a simple rule what Pantaloons follow.

here in this post “Pantaloons Store Exchange Policy Offline Time Without Bill” we have clearly mentioned all the terms and conditions of Pantaloons store in case you want to know more you can write to us.


Q1. As per Pantaloons Store Exchange Policy can I get a cash refund?

Answer: As per the exchange policy of Pantaloons store you can get credit notes only if you want to refund the items. That credit note can be used only in Pantaloons stores in your future purchases.

Q2. At what time I can return items in Pantaloons store as per pantaloons exchange time in the store?

Answer: As per the Pantaloons Store Exchange Policy you can return, refund, or exchange the goods during store operating hours. You can do so in the morning, afternoon, or evening as per your comfort.