What are Walmart Hair Salon Hours Near Me?

Hi! Friends, in today’s post “What are Walmart Hair Salon Hours Near Me” we are going to share Walmart hair salon hours of operation in the USA. You all must be familiar with the SmartStyle salon inside the Walmart Store in the US. Walmart started offering Hair Salon Services to its customers. Thus in this post, we will answer your query if you are searching for Walmart hair salon hours today near me.

  • What are Walmart’s hair salon hours?
  • Walmart hair salon hours on Sunday.
  • Smart style Walmart hair salon hours?

This is the latest post where we are sharing the Walmart hair salon hours of operation in June 2023. Just scroll down and read the complete detail.

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What are Smart Style Walmart hair salon hours?

SmartStyle salons were introduced by Walmart in 1996 in Minneapolis and Minnesota. The reason for the success of Smart Style Saloon is:

  1. Location
  2. Convenient operation hours
  3. Wide range of services offered in Walmart saloon.
  4. Economical.

Smart Style Walmart hair salon hours.

Walmart Hair Salon hours of operation are mentioned below in the table, you can check the operating hours for the weekdays in this table. Walmart hair salon hours on Sunday will be shared separately in this post. Please note more than 2000 Smart Style Saloons which operate inside the Walmart store in the United States have almost the same Walmart hair salon hours today.

S.NoDaysWalmart Salon Opening Hours Walmart Salon Closing Hours
1Monday10:00 AM7:00 PM
2Tuesday10:00 AM7:00 PM
3Wednesday10:00 AM7:00 PM
4Thursday10:00 AM7:00 PM
5Friday10:00 AM7:00 PM
6Saturday10:00 AM7:00 PM
Smart Style Walmart Hair Salon Hours of Operation in 2023

What are Walmart Hair Salon Hours on Sunday?

Normally most people plan their visit to Walmart Salon in the USA for haircutting, Coluring Trimming, and waxing on weekends. Thus knowing the Walmart hair salon’s hours of operation on Sunday is a must for them.

Here we are sharing the Walmart Hair Salon Opening and closing hours here.

S.NoDaysWalmart Saloon Opening Hours Walmart Saloon Closing Hours
1Sunday10:00 AM6:00 Pm
Smart Style Walmart Hair Salon Hours On Sunday in the USA

What are Walmart Hair Salon Hours Today?

We have shared the operating hours of Smart Style Salon Hours for weekdays and weekends. But please note there are a few special days when SmartStyle Walmart Hair Salon Closed on Holidays.

Please note the Holidays when the Walmart Salon is closed.

  • On 1 St January (New Year’s Day)
  • On 25 Dec (Christmas Day).
  • 23 November ( Thanks Giving Day)
  • On the Easter Day.

Locate Walmart Hair Salons in the USA

Services Offered By Walmart Hair Salon and its Prices in The USA.

The list of services offered by the Smart Style hair salon in Walmart along with the prices are mentioned below in the table. Please note the prices of SmartStyle Walmart Hair Salon are an updated list, this may change in real-time, thus it’s better to confirm the price in the salon itself.

S.NoServicesWalmart Hair Salon Price List
1Basic Hair Cut15$
2Basic Hair Cut with Express Dry18$
3Kids hair Cutting$12
4Hair Color13.5$
6Hair Colur52$
7Hair Highlight Mini30$
8Full highlights70$
9Hairstyle Basic18$
10Special Hair Style27$
11Luxury Hair Style55$
12Relaxer Full45$
13Treatment with conditioner8$
Walmart Salon Prices in the USA


Does Walmart’s hair salon take walk-ins?

Yes! Stylesmart Walmart Salon takes walk-ins, when you reach the Walmart salon you just need to check with the salon employee at what time it will be your turn. Before visiting please confirm the Walmart Hair Salon Hours.

You can check the more information on the official site here.