What is the role of the manager in the Reliance grocery store?

Hi! friends, today we are going to share what is the role of the manager in the Reliance grocery store? Why we are sharing this post? The reason behind it is while browsing the net we came across ample Job opportunities for manager profiles and have checked the company portal as well to find out the latest Job Vacancy in various grocery retail stores, like D Mart, Reliance, and Vishal Mega mart.

If you are also looking forward to making your career in a nearby Grocery Retail outlet owned by a prime Company like Reliance, you must be aware of what the company actually looks for in candidates. What are the Roles of Grocery Retail Store managers in Retail formats like Reliance Smart, Reliance Smart point, and Reliance Smart Bazaar?

Why the post is focused on the Reliance grocery store?

As we all know that Future group has closed its Big Bazaar Grocery Retail outlet and in place of Big Bazaar the new format Reliance Smart Bazaar has come up in many cities. The expansion of smart points and smart super is very fast. Simultaneously with the opening of the new store Reliance Retail Ltd is hiring and offering Jobs to youngsters.

Thus to help the youngsters, we are sharing the role of the manager in the Reliance grocery store.

Role of the Manager in the Reliance Grocery Store.

As shared by management while discussing them in one of the meets. The role of the Store Manager in Reliance grocery store is broadly divided into 3 Parts.

We are celebrating the same below for your better understanding

  1. People
  2. Process
  3. Sale
  4. Liasioning

Now in each role, we will understand what exactly the Manager has to do in Grocery Retail stores like Reliance Smart Bazaar.

In People heading the role involve the following point

  1. Hiring
  2. Training and Development of team
  3. Duty shift and Roaster
For Process implementation manager of Reliance grocery store is responsible.
  1. Cash Management Process
  2. Receiving Process for food, fmcg, fresh like vegetables, breads, eggs, milk etc.
  3. Daily expense management process.
  4. Controll of shrinkage – Shrink management process
  5. Billing process
  6. Replenishment process
  7. Display process and guidelines
  8. Food safety guidelines and process
  9. Damage and Dump management process
  10. Ordering of goods process to follow.
  11. Marketing and communication process
  12. Customer return and refund policy and process.
Meeting Sale targets is also the important role of store manager in Reliance Retail store.

As a manager of store in Reliance grocery retail stores like Smart Bazaar, Smart or super format, one has to meet the target of the store at category level. And ensure sale of good before it gets expired. And need to make the display and the communication attractive to convert the customer visit to sale. Ensure good customer service all the time to maintain the good footfall and thus generate the sale with good margins and profits. While planning for goods one has to keep an eye on season, movement of articles and the price point and competitor activity in the market.

Liasioning is also the key role of the manager in the Reliance grocery store

To run any business successfully the manager of the business plays a vital role, thus for any grocery store the store manager has to be on top of this. Liasioning is not a negative word here. The retail store manager role is very vast he has to have liasioning and professional relationship with internal and external customers, suppliers, vendors, third party agencies and government department.

Arrange the required official permissions and licences as per government norms.

You can compare the grocery store manager of as business owner who manages the business with full authority and ownership.

If you are also looking for the job as store manager in Reliance, just google the Reliance grocery store near me, visit there and deposit your CV.